Frequently Asked Questions about Fabricating Rubber Materials

Q: What is proper minimum belt tension on a conveyor belt?

A: Proper minimum belt tension is the required tension necessary for the belt conveyor (or belt elevator system) to operate properly for its intended application and in its current environment.

  • Minimum belt tension is great enough so that the belt conforms to the crown on any crowned pulley.
  • Minimum belt tension is great enough so that the belt does not slip in relation to the drive pulley's standard conditions, as well as demands.


Q: What are the top conveyor belt tracking problems?

A: There are eight common conveyor belt tracking problems to be aware of.

  • Belt Camber
  • Skew (Bow)
  • Too low belt tension
  • Failure to properly square belt ends
  • Poor installation of mechanical fasteners
  • Improperly executed belt splice or vulcanization
  • Structural defect or maladjustment in the conveyance system
  • Material Build-up



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